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The Institute for Equality is a collective of diverse passions, views and baggage of experience, who are united by one goal – to spread the idea of equality. We are committed to a world that is safe for everyone regardless of gender, age, origin, sexual orientation, religion or state of health. health. We believe that in the 21st century no one should fall victim to any form of discrimination. We have been fighting against prejudice since 2018, mainly in Zielona Gora and Lubuskie province. Zielona Gora is a pro-European city firmly rooted in traditions and German history.

In addition to organizing events, we act locally, spreading awareness and knowledge about LGBT+ people, sexuality (unfortunately still shrouded in taboo), mental health, menstrual poverty. menstrual poverty, we do equality marches, we strive for equal rights for underprivileged groups underprivileged, we are establishing partnerships with extraordinary people – artists, artisans, activists and politicians.

We do not stop! Our Institute has the character of a non-governmental organization. I lead it as president Kacper Kubiak. We also have a medical program board, in which we have doctors, gynecologists, psychologists and therapists.


Project realized with financial support of
Active Citizens – National Fund, a part of EEA Grants.

Honorary partner


For  LGBTQ Youth
tel. 116 111

For LGBT+ people and their relatives 
tel. 22 628 52 22

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