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Equality March in Lodz

Lodz has been marching since 2011. The first Equality March was organized by a local group of the Campaign Against Homophobia, which later formalized to create the Equality Factory Association. The last Equality March (2021) was a special event for the Association – we marched_through the streets of Lodz for the tenth time! The event is held every year, except for 2020 – the Association decided to cancel the event due to the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Every year we march under a different slogan, including „Give Life!”, „Women of all genders – let’s unite!”, „Cultural Stable of Equality”, „We will not let our values be buried! We won’t let equality be buried!”, „”Check!”, „Promotion of Equality 100%!”. The slogans refer to the political situation in Poland, but also to local events and the history of Lodz, such as the „Cultural Stable of Equality.” In the first equality marches, the turnout was 100-300 people, and the marches were disrupted by far-right organizations. Each year, more and more people attended the event, and currently the number of participants_ is estimated at 2000-3000. The Equality Marches are always accompanied by the Lodz Equality Marathon.

The week preceding the march itself is filled with a series of queer events. We march consistently for equality, with increasing strength and support!

Equality Factory Association

We are the largest cultural and educational organization for LGBTQ+ people in Lodz and the region. We are widely involved in cultural animation, promoting attitudes of acceptance towards non-heterosexual and transgender people, as well as equality and anti-discrimination education. We run support groups for LGBTQ+ people, transgender people and their parents, and provide free psychological counseling.


Project realized with financial support of
Active Citizens – National Fund, a part of EEA Grants.

Honorary partner


For  LGBTQ Youth
tel. 116 111

For LGBT+ people and their relatives 
tel. 22 628 52 22

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